Heike Weber
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Physician, Computer Scientist
Projects Projects:
Björn Frederik
Research Research interests:
Medical case studies
Physician since:
June 2005
Curriculum vitae:
  • 13 August 1968 born in Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz, Saxonia, Germany)
  • 1985--1992 Student of Computer Science at Technical University of Chemnitz
  • 1991--1992 Member of the PROLOG group of the Siemens/Nixdorf AG, Munich
  • 1991--1992 Diplomarbeit (M. Sc. thesis)
  • 1992--1997 Member of the Natural Language Systems division
  • 1997--1999 Medical student at the "Freie Universität Berlin"
  • 1999--2005 Medical student at the Charité (Medical department of the Humbolt University Berlin)
  • 2005--2006 Member of the geriatrics department of the Hubertus Hospital, Berlin
  • since 2006 Member of the internal medicine of the Krankenhaus Hedwigshöhe, Berlin
My Publications Publications: